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What does PedalShed do..?

by Kathrine Pedersen |

PedalShed has created a practical, user-friendly and funky way to improve your ride as well as adding a personal touch to your bike, whether it’s a private bike or one you share with the rest of the city! (London’s Barclays bike, NY’s Citibike etc.)

We currently produce two different types of bicycle saddle covers:

The Original and Limited Edition. Both types are easy to slip on and off the saddle and are made to fit both private and city sharing scheme bike saddles. Our covers are handmade in Europe, durable and well tested.

  1. The Original, which is 100% waterproof, consists of 3 layers, including a middle insulation layer for added comfort and protection and weighs less than 75 grams. There are currently 4 different styles of The Original.
  2. Limited Edition, which is so called as these covers are made from up-cycle materials from Danish designed furniture and will therefore only be produced in small quantities. They also have an insulation layer for added comfort as well as a splash-proof base for protection against a wet saddle. These covers weigh around 85 grams. There are currently 8 different Limited Edition styles; however, there will always be a new series on the way…