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The PedalShed Story

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How our story began...

Sitting on a wet or worse, cold and wet saddle just doesn’t help the mood, and wiping your saddle with a sleeve or using a naf plastic bag just aren’t solutions. While the thin plastic shower-cap or occasional freebee advertising cap help to cover the saddle in rain, they do little to add comfort, protection, warmth, or style to your ride! So PedalShed got busy.

After much research into alternative methods to prevent the “cold and wet bottom ride”, PedalShed found plenty of improvements to work on and has been building momentum since October 2011.

The first prototype was created in London and tested in Copenhagen during early 2012 by a Danish designer who kindly was willing to take the chance of looking a little different on a very unique floral and fluffy sheepskin cover with a reflecting tail for added attraction. Feedback suggested there was a long way to go!

Meanwhile our attention was being drawn to Boris Johnson’s continuing successful Barclays Bikes, which into their 5th year in London are gaining more and more popularity. Not only is London’s city bike sharing scheme attracting both visitors and local commuters, but similarly the sharing schemes are taking off with more than 530 schemes now in place across the world, from Helsinki, Moscow and Shanghai to Melbourne and Rio de Janeiro. One of the latest is Bloomberg’s New York CitiBike, which launched in May 2013 and has already taken the city by storm. It highlighted the importance of factoring in this growing trend of people sharing a bike with thousands of others in the city on a daily basis (during the month of October alone, Barclays bikes were hired out over 650,000 times). So back at the sewing machine it was ensured that the covers would have a good fit on both private bikes and the city bikes, providing a bit of individuality and a sense of ownership and added comfort for the city sharers. Our saddle covers fit most sharing scheme bikes, but have not been tested on all!

By spring 2013, fifty saddle covers where stress-tested across London and Copenhagen and after a lengthy survey, countless conversations with bike experts and the general public, we knew we were getting close. The summer was spent building relationships with the production team and textile suppliers while making final adjustments to a much loved product. In fact, these covers are made with so much love that every style of saddle cover produced now has it’s own name. The first small production run hit the market and made it to the 2013 Velo-city conference in Vienna, followed by the Annual Euro Bike show in Friedrichshafen in August.

In September 2013 the second production run and the first of significant size was produced, and by October, PedalShed was proud to present the “Next Generation” saddle covers. By 2015 we came out with a completely new shape, the "T2", designed to fit the slimmer saddle after much request and modeled after the Brooks B17 and Brompton saddles. They have been a great hit!

Since then, we've been going from strength to strength and adding comfort and style to commuters journeys all over the UK and filtering into small pockets across the globe. 

PedalShed is designed by Danes and based in London. The production is currently made by hand in Europe and produced with as much sustainability as we can at this point, up-cycling and re-cycling whenever possible. Our product labels are recycled and the packaging is biodegradable. We use up-cycled fabrics from Danish designed furniture textiles for the majority of our Limited Edition covers, and we are still investigating how we can improve sustainability further. Minimising the waste and usage of thin plastic bags covering the streets’ bike saddles was the first goal!

If you have any ideas, feedback, or want to donate materials for a future generation of PedalShed covers, please get in touch:

If you are a distributor and want to stock our product, please contact for our wholesale price list and order form.