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  • How do I know the cover will fit my saddle?

Our SLIM FIT covers measure 16-18cm across and up to 28-29cm long. If your seat is a couple of cms wider than this we suggest you try out a cover with a textile rim and stay away from the leather rimmed covers as they fit more snugly like new leather shoes. There is some give in most of the textile covers so unless your saddle is very thick (in height) the cover should work for you.

Our REGULAR FIT covers measure 23-25cm across and up to 26-28cm long. All our covers have a fair amount of rim flexibility and an elastic drawstring which can be adjusted with a knot in the back, so it does not have to be an exact science.

  • How many sizes of bicycle saddle covers do you have?

We make 2 main sizes for adult saddles - Slim fit and Regular fit. We also make covers for children's bikes. We recommend that children between the ages of 4 - 10 years use the Children's Cushy Covers and after 11 years old they tend to transfer up to longer and larger saddles.

  • Do you sell covers for all saddle types?

We have made our covers as universal as possible but we have not got a cover for the extra wide "Cruisers" yet!

  • Is the saddle cover waterproof?

All our saddle covers are made with a water resistant liner which means they can be placed on a seat which is not completely dry and your clothes will remain protected. If you are after a waterproof cover to protect your saddle, we recommend the plastic covers, also called the originals, which are waterproof inside and out. The textile and leather covers are meant to be added to the seat before you ride and to be taken off when you dismount and tucked into a pocket.

  • Can I wash the bike seat cover?

The bike seat covers are made from various textiles, most of them top quality worsted wools so should be treated like your favourite sweater when it comes to washing. Handwash or sponge clean with a damp cloth and a gentle detergent.

The endurance covers can be machine washed but are made with bacteriostatic textiles which mean they are odourless and rarely need washing. They are also quick drying so just give them a bit of air.

  • Why is it so expensive?

Our covers are made by hand and all the textiles are carefully sourced bearing both sustainability and quality in mind. We do not compromise on these two important areas and aim to produce products which are eco-friendly, long-lasting and offer optimal comfort for our users.

  • Will the bike seat cover not get stolen?

This can happen in some instances as the covers are fairly easy to pop on and take off, however, you can use a deterrent like a carabiner and attach it to the product label at the back. Ultimately, pop the cover on before you set off for a ride and pop it into your pocket or satchel when dismounting.

  • How easy is it to remove the saddle cover?

Removing the saddle covers is easy in most instances, unless you have a tight fit on purpose or are using a leather cover. The leather covers are definitely the most durable covers and very long lasting and they will tend to be snug at first just like a pair of brand new leather shoes.

  • Is the bicycle seat cover safe for the environment?

We use as many upcycled textiles as we can and are conscientious of the fabrics we choose, ensuring they have as many recycled properties in them as possible. The plastic covers are less environmentally friendly, however, the idea is that as they are long lasting they will illuminate the usage of single use plastic bags as a means to cover the seat.

  • How long will the saddle cover last?

Depending on how regularly the covers are used, whether they live outdoors and which textiles have been chosen, the lifespan varies. The leather covers are the most durable and will last for many years. The wools and textiles are all made from upholstery fabrics so are made to last and to be sat on for long periods of time.

  • Are the bicycle saddle covers handmade?

Yes, all our bicycle saddle covers are made by hand. The fabrics are hand cut and the three layers of textile are sewn together with sewing machines. An overlock machine is used on fabrics which can fray to secure the edges before stitching them all together. 

  • Do you make custom made seat covers?

As of yet, we do not take orders for one-offs, but we are open to producing bespoke covers for cycling clubs and other organisations. Please contact us if you are interested in having a special cover made to represent you and your team.

  • Do you ship your saddle covers worldwide?

Yes, over the last decade we have had the joy of sending our covers out to all 7 continents. While Brexit has kept us on our toes regarding various postal challenges, it has not stopped us from shipping abroad and carrying on supplier our European clients too.

  • Do you give discounts?

Occasionally we offer our clients special deals and discounts. If you would like to be informed of when this happens, please subscribe to our newsletter and we'll keep you informed.