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How do you prepare for your ride?

by Kathrine Pedersen |

To ensure a successful race and prevent injury, there are five crucial factors to consider:


  1. mindset
  2. saddle comfort and position
  3. planning
  4. training
  5. fuel and nutrition

As someone who completed a Triathlon last May, I can attest to the fact that high-tech cushioning improves the whole experience as it makes both training and racing more enjoyable.

Most bike shops can assist with measurements and finding the optimal position to ride. A Pedalshed Endurance Cover is an excellent addition to any bike you're training on, whether it's in the gym, at home, outside or on a track, as it allows you to focus on your training instead of thinking of discomfort.

Another key benefit of using a Pedalshed Endurance Cover for a Triathlon is that you no longer need to wear a trisuit and swim, bike and run with a wet pad, instead you are literally covered for padding on the bike seat instead!

Regular cycling and running shorts without padding are sufficient as long as your saddle is covered with Pedalshed's technology to ensure optimal comfort.

How do you prepare for your ride?

Keep pedalling!