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Padded Wide Seat Cover | Red & Black (Women)

Sale price£39.50 GBP

- No Gel, No Rubber!
- Hybrid cell structured foam for endurance and performance
- Anatomic fit for ultimate comfort 
- Bacteriostatic for hygiene
- Quick drying
- Machine Washable
- Eco pro textiles

- Absolute comfort


    Great fit for the wider saddle exercise bikes like Cardiostrong, BodyMax and Taurus Ergo-X Air bikes.

    Latest Italian bicycle seat comfort technology made into a saddle cover and accessory instead of wearing it in form of padded shorts. Pedalshed is the first company to integrate this unique high tech cushioning and support from Italian cycling specialists Elastic Interface and put it into a stretchy bike seat cover for long distance rides. These new covers are the ideal training companion, while riders work on building strength and stamina, the cover offers comfort in the saddle, personalisation of the bike and protection as they are ultra hygienic. The textiles used are top of the line in odour repellent, breathability, sustainability and durability. Even vibration dampening technology has been incorporated to relieve stress to the pelvic bones and the back from continuous vibrations coming from the bike and ground.

    This technology is fit for champion athletes, and now we've got you covered too!


    More about this padding...

    This women's padding is called Endurance 2.5HD and is designed to cover both the ischiadic area (sciatic) and reaches the perineal area too, providing high protection for long-distance rides. With an anatomic fit for men it gives great protection throughout the pelvic tract.  The pads have been made for Pedalshed with a foam density of 80 kg/m3 to ensure optimal performance and comfort so you can get on with reaching your goal without discomfort or pain from an uncomfortable saddle getting in the way.


    More about this textile...

    The Eco Performance fabric in the pad of this cover is two layered and highly evolved. The top layer channel structure collects and canalises sweat while the bottom layer helps expel it, both working to improve moisture management. This fabric is ultra-fast drying, made from 80% Polyamide & 20% Elastane, both from RECYCLED thread without any compromise to the quality.

    Washing Instructions:

    • Wash prior to first use.
    • Wash only on delicate cycle at 30°C / 86°F.
    • Use neutral, non-aggressive detergents.
    • Avoid softeners as they may contribute to reducing the compression set of the foams.
    • Avoid using dryers (only low temps & short duration if necessary) this also protect the environment.


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